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Founding Members

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Founding Members

Wulwi was founded by a group of Friends, from the two english regions of Cameroon.

The Founders are

Kimbi Melvis Lu

Melvis Kimbi Lu is a very creative and dynamic young Cameroonian born journalist, counting about 7 years of experience in the fields of Journalism, International Live Media and Corporate Communication. A graduate from the Advanced School of Mass Communication, she reflects a varied personality including ambition, wistfulness and professionalism as well as the qualities of equality, liberality and volunteerism. She speaks English and French fluently and has the proven abilities in leadership, motivating people toward a common mission and effectively organizing and putting to use available resources to that end with wide-ranging experience in effectively interacting with people of various ages, socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds. An energetic gender activist, with a vast experience in reporting on gender and development issues (volunteering with UN Women Cameroon in 2015), she initiated a grassroot project which she later co-founded with her friends to empower the girlchild. That project, the "Wulwi Initiative" caught international attention and she was selected to represent young women at the 2015 Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her personal experience of losing her father at the early age of 6, and being raised by her mother, in a male chauvinistic society where the rights of women were stifled further fueled her passion to see a world where young girls could strive beyond patriarchal lines. Apart from these, Melvis Kimbi Lu is also a public speaker and committed advocate for democracy, currently involved in many youth empowerment initiatives including the UN-funded project, Re-inventing Democracy in the Digital Era. She has participated in a number of international fora including the 2017 Youth-Connekt Africa Summit in Kigali - Rwanda. Melvis is a member of local amd international organisations including the Social South Chamber of the Forest Stewardship Council and also a member of the Network of Communicators on the Environment and Information in Central Africa, RECEIAC. She banks on the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and online blogging to engage in meaningful dialogue and give visibility to her goals. She is the Executive Director of Wulwi Initiative

Ndi Selma Ekfvei

Selma Ndi is the face and brain behind “GREEN” an IT start-up company, which builds computer software and also supplies medical and IT equipment to hospitals and companies in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. The answer to how she undertook a remarkable journey, evolving from a Supplies Accountant at CAMINEX SA, (an affiliate of the International Mining & Infrastructure Corporation (IMIC), to becoming an outstanding female entrepreneur in her mid-20s, lies in her passion to connect and inspire other young girls and women as well as her motivation to make a difference and work on her terms. She may be young, yes, but Selma is wise beyond her years, with a strong command of the English language and advanced intermediate skills in French. Her success so far lies in her key values of being enthusiastically attentive to detail, calm in the face of crisis, perseverant and courageous – attributes which have guaranteed client satisfaction. When it comes to education, she is well-grounded. Selma Ndi has an International MBA in Management and Sustainable Development from the ICT University, Yaoundé, Cameroon. A degree obtained, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting from the University of Buea. The smart, passionate, friendly and ambitious young woman is endowed with excellent abilities in marketing analysis, supply chain management, strategic and operations management, leadership and communication skills. Selma too, is proficient in Microsoft office applications, accounting software with web development skills required to enhance the online visibility goals of an organization. Growing up in a family of 4 boys and 2 girls (and being the youngest of the girls), Selma developed the principle of responsibility and always with a smile to her face, seeks to create a world of love and compassion around her wherever she may be. That better explains her second world - that of volunteerism and humanitarian works. Coming from Sub Saharan Africa has given her first-hand experience to the problems young girls go through on a daily basis ranging from marginalization, abuse, neglect and lack of basic necessities like education. She co-founded "Wulwi Initiative" with her friends to empower the girlchild. That project, the "Wulwi Initiative" caught national attention and she was selected as the Youth of Excellence for Cameroon 2018, after winning the "les Nanas Awards". Selma has fully devoted herself to empowering girls mentally and physically to be able to break the glass ceiling and flourish in their personal and professional ambitions through Wulwi Initiative. She is the Finance and Administative Director of Wulwi Initiative.

Charlotte Dian Titang

Charlotte Dian Titang has come a long way to position herself at one of Cameroon’s fastest growing telecommunication and online shops, “The Global Telecommunication House, GLOTHELO,” as a Procurement Officer. An embodiment of the core values of integrity, innovation, growth and determination, she began as sales agent gradually moving on to Procurement and Operations Assistant at the Head office of Huawei Technologies Company in Yaounde, Cameroon in 2014. Fascinated by the business world and her ambition to create her own company in the future, Charlotte has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management from the University of Yaounde II, Soa. She is an intentional bold person with a deep knowledge of the corporate world and is noted for her superb mastery of sourcing strategies and her profound familiarity in management skills. All through her career and work experience at Huawei, Charlotte trained and mentored young sales agents and gradually building a reputation for developing commercial strategies, proposing new business models and effectively coordinating field work. Apart from being an astute procurement and logistics professional, Charlotte Dian Titang is a humanitarian at heart. Her great passion is providing mental and physical assistance to young women who are going through a traumatic or stressful experience, having been a victim herself of child exploitation and trauma in her early years. And so helping people and communities to find healthy awareness of themselves and their worth in the society is of prime importance and that explains her all-in endorsement and advocacy for the Wulwi Initiative. A dedicated and resourceful community service agent, Charlotte possesses a strong sense of ethics and people’s management irrespective of their background, developing and proposing programmes for outreach to communities. She is an adept multitasker and has proven herself to handle immediate high-pressure and unpredictable situations with ease and competence. Some of her other key skills include strong negotiation and presentation abilities, communication, influencing, writing skills while effectively expressing herself in English and French. She is the Secretary General of Wulwi Initiative

Tangwa Livinus Acha

Tangwa is a gender and protection expert with more than seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Yaounde II, Soa in Cameroon. He also received certifications in gender and protection, human rights, and youth development from UN Agencies, Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Cameroon. While working as a Youth and Community Development Practitioner with Dynamic Youths for a Better Tomorrow (DYBT), a youth led civil/community organization he co-founded in 2009, he has helped improve the lives of young people in rural communities in Cameroon by designing youth skills-building programs that have empowered and created employment to more than two hundred youths in Cameroon. He is a Co-Founder and Programs Director at WULWI Initiative and currently serves as One Young World Ambassador for Cameroon. Tangwa is also a member of the UN Gender and Protection working group as an expert and consultant under the umbrella of RESEAU ADEN Cameroun, a community based IT and Humanitarian Relief Organization. Previously, Tangwa volunteered with Social Development International – SODEIT, a community-based organization to promote girl-child education and empower rural women to be key actors in sustainable development. He is also a strong advocate for the promotion of the UN agenda 2030 (UN Sustainable Development Goals) with a global record of 17 SDGs school clubs. Tangwa has volunteered as a youth activist and consultant for several local and international organizations, including Literacy for Life Association Cameroon and Transparency International Cameroon. Through these experiences, he developed strong advocacy, project coordination and implementation skills. Tangwa enjoys focusing on the topics of human rights and civil liberties, and has a strong passion for youth and women empowerment, inclusion and participation in sustainable development.