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Membership Policy

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Membership of WULWI INITIATIVE shall be opened to the following categories; founding, individual / ordinary, distinguished, honorary members and institution. All which constitute the General assembly.


Persons constituting the assembly which created the association, worked committedly and paid the special levy for the take-off of the association shall be known founding members .


There are two types of Individual membership:

Individual Members – This may apply to feminist researchers, women human rights defenders, activists, journalists, educators, social worker, living in or out of Cameroon and must not necessary be of Cameroon origins.

Ordinary Members: This is another form of individual membership, which applies to any person joining the association after the formation and must have bought their membership cards and paid the registration levy.

Distinguished Members

The General Assembly may confer the title of distinguished members to any member by reasons of some achievement either abroad or at home, which greatly contributes to honor, welfare, or status of the association.


T The General Assembly may confer the title of honorary members on any persons’ irrespective of their tidings, who through their efforts have helped the association to promote its aims and realize its objectives and projects.


This is granted solely to members elected and / or recommended or appointed by individual, ordinary and / or founding members. Executive members must have actively served for at least two years as general member prior gaining the entitlement.


Institutional members may be national, regional, global and/or professional associations and organizations based in / out of Cameroon. They must not necessarily identify as the gender ‘female’.

Membership will be accorded only after been approved by the Executive Members