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Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission


To be a National level representative network for building a sustaining community of vibrant women leaders and advocates.

To facilitate formulation and implementation of policies that are equitable, accountable and effective in enabling women’s rights realization

To act as a resource hub that uses and shares/disseminates information and data for engendering policies

To collaborate with diverse stakeholders for securing women/girls rights

Inform women about their rights as regards gender-based violence and guide them through rehabilitation


To create an alliance of women’s organizations, NGOs and individuals working with special focus on women and the girl child.

To influence legislation with a view to enhancing constitutional rights of women and the girl child.

To initiate a dialogue at the regional, state national and international levels to voice concerns and needs of the people it represents

To promote and support legislation/s or proposed amendments to empower women.

To observe, monitor, and analyze policies, legislation and budgets with the aim of gender mainstreaming


Equality, Equity, Justice, Respect and Support for diversity