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Empowering girls with ICT skills for a better future

The International Day for Girls in ICT is an initiative aimed at encouraging and empowering girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICTs, enabling both girls and technology companies to reap the benefits of greater female participation in the ICT sector.

There would be trainings on the following ICT skills

* Powerpoint, * Graphic Designs, * Wordpress, Digital Marketing

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At Wulwi Initiative,

Every girl matters. No girl is left behind

Support a girl| Sponsor a girl | | Mentor a girl


We support a girl child by providing her with psychological and mental resources.


We cover for a selected number of girls every year, and suppy equipment/tools for those pursuing vocational careers. We equally provide startup capital for those venturing into Entrepreneurship...


We provide health and career orientations through our events and personal follow ups. These orientations are usually streamlined to help each girl achieve her goals easily while staying away from possible dangers...

Shaping Her Future

Despite strides the world has made towards gender equality, girls remain extremely vulnerable. The percentage of out of school children in Cameroon shows that 33% of girls are not currently participating in the education system and who are, therefore, missing out on the benefits of school. In this same country, 1 in every 3 girls is married before reaching age 18. 1 in 9 is married under age 15. Child marriage is a human rights violation. We believe that educating a girl will help her make better and more informed decisions. .

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Our great Deeds

we provide

  • Tuition

    Every year, Wulwi sends five girls to school. This number usually increases when we have external funding .

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  • Tools and Equipment

    We assist some of the girls under the Wulwi project with tools and equipment for thier vocational and professional training.

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  • Career Orientation

    We organise frequent visits to schools and orientate the girls on career choices and university decisions.

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  • Health talks

    Once every six monts, we organise health talks and invite the girls to come partake. This is usually in partnership with health practitioners.

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  • IT Lessons

    We organise summer intersnhips for girls where we teach them basic computing skills for one month.

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  • Follow Up

    Every year end, we throw a Wulwi party for all the girls that have benefitted from us, then we get to catch up with most of them.

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